Brief Note on Industrial Activities in the District

District Industries Centre: Rajanna Sircilla District

There are two (2) large and Medium Scale Industries existing in the Rajanna Sircilla District. The details are as follows.

1. Present (Existing) Large and Medium Scale Industries

Sl.No Type of Industry Product Production Capacity Investment in Lakhs Employment
1 Sri Sai Raja Rajeshwari Spinning Mills Pvt LTD. Peddur (V), Sircilla(M), Rajanna Sircilla Dist. Cotton yarn 23000 Spindles 4500 315
2 PENNAR Renewable (P) Ltd Dacharam(V), Ellanthakunta(M) Solar Power Generation 10 MW 3800 16
Total 23010 8300 331

2. Existing Micro and Small Industries in the District

Sl.No Type of Industry Number of Units Investment In crores Employment
1 Textile Industries 1046 268 7335
2 Mineral Based 58 6 398
3 Engineering Based 138 4 416
4 Agro Based 89 92 897
5 Miscellaneous 138 3 528
Total 1469 373 9574

3. Existing Status of industrial Areas in the District

Sl.No Industrial Park Name Land Extent in Ac. Total No. of plots Total No. of Structures Total No. of plots Allotted Allotted structures
1 Textile Park, Baddenapally (V), Thangallapally (M) 65 Acres 210 210

4. Proposed Industrial Park

An extent of 100 acres land is identified at Peddur village of Sircilla mandal an extent of 50 acres land also identified at Namapur village of Mustabad mandal for establishment of Industrial Parks.

 5. Mineral Resources

Major constituents of Mineral Resources are Granite of various colours accuring in the neighboring District Karimnagar abundantly as well as Rajanna Sircilla and there is a lot of scope to establish the granite Cutting and polishing units in Boinpally, Ellanthakunta and Vemulawada mandals.

6. Resource Map to make small and Medium more productive:

  • The extensive granite deposits of various colours are available in the form of small to huge hillocks at neighboring Karimnagar District. There is good scope for coming up of Granite cutting and Polishing units, stone crushers, Hot mixing plants and stone dust based units like cement Bricks, Cement poles, Spun pipes etc.
  • There is a good scope for Agro-based industries like seed processing units, Parboiled rice mills, Rice mills.
  • The cotton is grown abundantly in the District as well as neighboring districts of Karimnagar, Siddipet, Kamareddy, Jagtial, still there is a scope to establish cotton Ginning units and spinning Mills.

7. Potential for coming up of New Industries:

  • Textile Units
  • Readymade Garments
  • Granite cutting Units
  • Cotton Ginning Units
  • Stone Crushers
  • Seed processing units
  • Plastic based units
  • Maize Processing Units
  • Poultry Feed mixing plants
  • Pharmaceutical Units
  • Craft paper from waste paper
  • Hosiery Units
  • Extraction of Rice bran oil
  • Surgical cotton
  • Cotton Seed oil
  • Ripening chambers for fruits
  • Electrical Cables manufacturing
  • Ice cream manufacturing
  • Drip Irrigation pipes
  • CLC bricks

8. Cluster Development

Sircilla is a major textile Zone having (30,000) power looms in decentralized manner creating employment to the (14,000) workers either directly or indirectly. There is Textile Park in the Sircilla with modern (1,600) rapier looms providing employment to (2,000) workers. Though the textile park is having strong base in terms of loomage and skilled workforce. It is not enjoying all the fruits of the modern textile sector. Due to lack of pre-loom facilities like Warping, Sizing, Dyeing and post-looms facilities like Cloth Dyeing, Processing etc. the power loom manufactures are producing intermediate product and selling it in the open market without any further value addition at least or no margins.

In this context, It is felt necessary to set up one Common Facility center under cluster development programme of government of India, Ministry of MSME. In the 15 acres vacant land in the park for creating Warping, Sizing, Dyeing, and Processing facilities. The services of CFC will also utilize by the Sircilla power-looms set up in-organized sector so as to create value addition for the products being made in the industry.

9. No. Skills available

  • Power loom weavers

10. No. of Skilled Workers

  • 2936 No’s

11. Skills Development:

  • Sircilla is known for textile Industries and large number of units are existing in the textile park as well as outside the park and the textile industries are facing lot of problem in getting skilled machines operators and skilled labours. Hence it is proposed to establish a skill training institute in the textile park or outside the park in the available Government land.
  • Further, it is to submit that a large number of Granite industries are existing adjacent to Rajanna Sircilla District and large number of machine operators are required, presently machine operators are coming from outside the state. In order to create job opportunities to the youth of this District, it is proposed to establish training center in the District.
  • In Medchal District large number of Industries are established manufacturing of precession Engineering components units which are supplying components to defense laboratories and industries such as DRDO, BDL, HAL, BHEL, Ordinance Factory Eddu Mailaram of Sangareddy District, Bharath Electronics Limited Mallapur, are facing shortage of skilled Technicians/Machine operators. Therefore, it is proposed to start a skilled training institute on precession components manufacturing in the District so as to get employment to the unemployed youth studied ITI/Polytechnic/Engineering.